I'm going to get shot for this... >>

Anyways, I canceled this project.
I was re-writing the script a couple of times and I noticed that, really, after the first chapter I had no idea what to do. XDDDDD -shot-

As such all of my attention has been moved to my other comic: Angelic Songs

I might come back, someday, and redo this one.

No Comics? WHY?????
Well, various reasons. For one I start school.... in 1 day.... TAT Also I haven't been drawing all that much. Mostly I've just been playing around with my programs, which resulted in Filler #2.

Anyways, I'm 40% done the first chapter. I figured out how to make my lines straight and I'll be working later today. SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE NEXT FEW PAGES! >> And more Meteor... <3

Does anyone read these? O.o?

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